EJouMale's Reflections and Shadow

It is twenty years now, since I started experimenting with watercolour. Though I had at that time a successful five-year career in oil, switching over to watercolour was a new experience as this medium required an entirely new kind of orientation.

Watercolour has the quality of catching the movements of light whether it is subdued softness of the morning mist or the sparkling leaves in bright day light after showers. The moving clouds, thrashing waves, swaying branches, fluttering flags... movement in watercolour.

The prime quality of watercolour, as we all know, is ‘transparency’. We see all things around us through their different shades of colours. The multitudes of their layers bring forth an astounding array of colour combinations, which can be depicted with all their freshness in watercolour.

Not only a well-done watercolour painting attracts the attention of the viewers and make them stare and wonder, during the time of their creation they make the artists also to enjoy their vibrancy.

Creation of a watercolour painting is not a mere technical application of paints and trying to experiment as you paint along. It requires a lot of initial planning and visualisation of the scene in all its splendour. As correction is almost impossible. It demands dedicated concentration during the process of painting, which many a time, may take very little time. It is during that precious time, one witnesses the movement of colours in water, it’s interaction with paper and other colours.

It is pure magic to see a thin layer of colour spreading on the paper, creating a riot. The inter-play of colours is visible and exciting, giving the Artist immense satisfaction.

Quite frequently, even experienced artists look in wonder the unexpected movement of colours acting on their own. All watercolour artists, sooner or later, realise and appreciate that while colours, water and paper are the real actors, the painter takes the role of a Director.

I enjoy painting with watercolour, I am happy when my creation is sprightly. And I am elated when the viewers are thrilled!

South India.