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I am lucky I was born in this beautiful place. And I am proud that I have the opportunity to contribute to the exciting Art Scene of Pondicherry.

In tune with the demographic movement, my parents too had shifted to Pondicherry from a nearby village about 40 years back, immediately after their marriage. My two sisters, three brothers and myself were all born in Pondicherry. Thus, from the beginning we all had the benefits of the city life, while enjoying at the same time the simple village-style living within the house, which our parents guarded proudly.

The love, affection, care and support of my family members gave me abundant confidence and freedom to devote my attention to Art for which I had a liking from the early school days. Everyday I used to wonder looking at the small art studio that was located in our street which I had to cross daily on my way to school.

After completion of my basic education, my parents were convinced of my continued strong desire for art, and with their tacit blessing I joined the art studio. It was a wonderful experience trying to create many things the clients wanted. The praise of the clients gave me a lot of encouragement. And their joy gave me a sense of satisfaction. I realised that art bestows happiness both on the artist and the beholder. And I decided to learn more.

I joined the local art school, Bharathiar Palkalai Koodam, and the next five years gave me the much needed insight into the intricacies. My earlier experience with brushes and paints for three years in the art studio helped me to grasp the theories easily. The guidance of the Teachers and their appreciation kindled me further to sharpen my talents.

After studies, the art exhibitions in which I participated, and the solo shows that I held frequently, earned me the introduction to the leading art lovers and critics. Help poured in from unexpected quarters. One local art lover encouraged me to learn French. Another admirer helped me in personality development and guided me in positive thinking.

Many others applauded my early successes. Awards and accolades followed.

My family members were not only happy, but were also proud. I had proved my mettle!

But I realise that all these are only the beginning. I am aware of the fact that I have a long way to go. The experiments continue: Naturally, the village scenes had been the first choice; then came the cityscapes. Afterwards, the nomads and petty traders caught my attention. The people of different walks of life, their emotions, their triumphs, the social gatherings ... there is so much to paint ... there is so much to enjoy.

Life is wonderful. Regular Indian and Foreign Tourists keep encouraging me. Through many of these art lovers, new opportunities keep opening up. One such great opportunity was the kind invitation from Mr. Willy Lambert of Belgium to visit his country. A month-long stay at Belgium as his guest (April 2005) was a memorable experience. The three exhibitions which I held there earned me the friendship of many leading local Artists. I could learn a lot from them. A few more visits to Belgium are planned and these should strengthen our bond, and enlarge my vision.

Art is opening a lot of windows for me to admire the beauty of the world.

Oh! What a beautiful world! And wonderful Friends!

Thank you!